A calm, comfortable oasis prior to boarding your flight. The Caribe Lounge at Las Américas International Airport offers a warm and comfortable atmosphere with a multitude of services designed to make your stay prior to boarding your flight truly relaxing.

Make your waiting time a pleasant experience at Las Américas International Airport’s Caribe Lounge. A practical lounge featuring all the amenities of a VIP Lounge: comfortable sofas, a free buffet, leisure area, working area and a full range of services for you to start your trip on the right foot.

Service Description:

  • Leisure and/or working area.
  • Carefully selected catering in the Lounge: unlimited buffet including a wide assortment of beverages.
  • Free Wi-Fi, TV and newspapers/magazines.
  • Flight information screen.
  • PCs on hand with Internet access.
  • Smoking Area.

Opening hours:

  • open 24 hours a day




Cafe Santo Domingo